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 Saudi Locator

​​​​​​​​Saudi Post presents a creative solution to the problem of positioning in our precious country the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is considered as an obstacle to the different solutions of e-government and e-commerce. Technology experts in geographical systems considered the experience of using the Locator system in our country as a quantum leap to keep pace with the speed in positioning. It is the latest system of geographical information and locating addresses electronically. It facilitates the process of getting different services through ordering services and goods online. The program services are not limited to a certain sector, but include all public and private sectors that need to reach locations. The Locator is also available for the use of transportation and express delivery companies to deliver the ordered goods, whether through getting the whole information of the national address or the location number and the name of the district and the street.​​


It is a free digital map system on the internet. The customer can locate positions using the new postal addressing. You can utilize the Saudi Locator services and find out more about it via the Saudi Post Corporation's website on the internet www.sp.com.sa.

How to get the Service?

  • Using and navigating the map to get the address
  • Finding the postal code and using the map
  • Finding the national address that consists of: (building number – the postal code – the additional number)
  • Finding the number of the building and the street and its district inside the selected city
  • The availability of searching for the key services and landmarks and finding the locations of post offices directly

Service Benefits:

  • Finding a national address directly via the map
  • Viewing and hiding the different marks on the map and the customized icons
  • Viewing the map key
  • The availability of viewing the number on Google visualizers
  • The availability of moving the map and navigating quickly
  • Zooming in and out the map as you like
  • Measuring the distance between two points

It is easy for the customers to use the Saudi Locator with a version compatible with the small screen handheld devices. The customer uses the building number and the district name and navigates the map moving and zooming it in and out. You can log into it via the following link: saudilocator.sp.com.sa/pdalocator

How to get the service?


For IPhone devices itunes.apple.com


For Android devices play.google.com