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 Hajj Meat (Adahi)

​​​​​​​​​​Hajj Meat (Adahi) is a service enabling pilgrims and Umrah performers to pay the value of Hajj meat and almsgiving under the agreement concluded by and between Saudi Post and Islamic Development Bank that collects the Adahi value, pay the same on behalf of those of common Muslims who desire to do so, and distribute the meat to the beneficiaries.​​​​​​​

​​Hajj Meat (Adahi) service provided by Saudi Post is an agent for the Pilgrims, Umrah performers and Muslims. The purchasers through post offices and the Saudi Post website appoint, authorize and delegate the Saudi Post Corporation under notification of the Islamic Development Bank and Adahi Project severally and jointly to purchase the required sacrifice, slaughtering the same and distributing its meats to the eligible beneficiaries.
  • The Saudi Post Corporation meets the customer needs with the sacrifice, then makes the immediate notification of authorizing the Islamic Development Bank and the committee for the Utilization of Hajj Meat through the electronic linkage and the deposition of its value at the bank account.
  • Islamic Sharia allowed for a Muslim to appoint, authorize and delegate whoever he deems a trustworthy authority to perform the sacrifice, whether it is an offering, ransom, almsgiving or Udhiyah, and the Agent shall make the required actions as per the Sharia. Based on the aforementioned, it was agreed by and between Saudi Post and Islamic Development Bank to provide this service through the outlets of Saudi Post.
  • Adahi and sacrifice service is provided by Saudi Post under authorization of Islamic Development Bank and the Committee of the Saudi Project for Utilization of Hajj Meat (Adahi), in which Sharia scholars are members, so that they act as an agent for the pilgrims in purchasing, slaughtering, transporting and distributing of the Adahi and sacrifice as per the Sharia provisions.
  • The price of Udhiyah is calculated by the Islamic Development Bank, which includes the price of the scarified animal, veterinary services, slaughtering, freezing, transportation and distribution.
  • As for the fees collected by credit cards, a percentage will be imposed on each purchase transaction made using the credit card and the prices of these animals will increase due to the percentage imposed on the credit card, and such percentage will be incurred by the card holder. Such fees are directed to the project and do not constitute any part of the sheep price, but they are directed to the issuers of these cards.
  • Islamic Development Bank distribute the Hajj Meat in collaboration with the appropriate government agencies. Having met the needs of the poor in the Holy Mosque, the residual meat is sent to the poor Muslims. The liability of Saudi Post is limited to the notification of Islamic Development Bank of the customer authorization and the identification of the required sacrifice.​
​​The marketing and sale of deeds of offering, ransom, almsgiving and Udhiyyah are available through the Post Offices throughout the Kingdom and the Holy Mosques, or through electronic means via the electronic market E-Mall.

It is the name of any slaughtered camel, cow and sheep. It is Stressed Supererogation as per the Islamic Sharia to be performed by the pilgrims and other in specific days; namely, al-Adha day and the three following days whether they are in Makkah or another location for the resident and the traveler.


Offering (Hadi):

It is a gift to Allah Almighty in Makkah to be devout to Allah. The offering shall be submitted in specific days i.e. the Day of Sacrifice and the days thereafter, and may be on any day of the year in the Umrah, because the offering is desirable in Umrah. It is also desirable or duty in the Hajj Al Tamatu' or Hajj Al-Qiran, and it also includes required sacrifices in Ihram.


Ransom (Fidyah):

Pilgrims or Umrah Performers shall submit a sacrifice in Makkah at any time in the year, if they failed to perform any of the requirements of the pilgrimage or Umrah or committed any of the prohibitions of Ihram.


Almsgiving (Sadaqah):

It is a volunteering sacrifice to be performed by the Pilgrims or other as per their discretion without any relation to the Hajj rituals. ​