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 Express Mail

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Whether you send letters, parcels, or publications; we give utmost importance to low-cost, reliable, and duly made delivery. In the Express Mail Service (EMS), we provide customized and cost-effective solutions for local and international distribution through variant package of very effective solutions, to make your life easier.​​

​​The Express Mail provides multi-option services to send your shipment directly to all parts of the world, which are so easy. It has the largest postal network (a fleet of 300 trucks all over the Kingdom), as well as the two air and see fleets that provide efficient delivery at reasonable prices to all addresses in the Kingdom.

Services provided by the Express mail include:

  • EMS
  • Parex services
  • Gulf Express service
  • Mureeh service
  • Insurance service
  • Nile Express service
  • Jamaee service
  • Medex service
  • Cardx service​
​​EMS is well-known for its international standards in the postal service of documents or goods. Its operators are concerned with the conformity of the service to the standards of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The operation of the Express Mail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was a joint project with UPU, which makes post offices available and strengthens them with a global network.

Today, EMS is the most important sector in Saudi Post. Its main feature is having skills and integrated services that are exercised and provided by a well-trained team of Saudi youth. In addition, EMS is one of the largest networks in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (with more than 500 sale points) and has the best distribution policy (a fleet of 300 vehicles capable of delivering your parcels to all parts of the kingdom) as well as two air and sea fleets. Finally, it is the latest science finding in technology, which provides you with the highest level of accuracy and safety during transportation of your mail.


Any shipment of parcels and mail is sealed in a special package that cannot be opened unless it is ripped. Hence, any damage to the package would be obvious in which country it was done when it is delivered. Moreover, the safety and confidentiality of our postal distributions is guaranteed by legal regulations, international conventions, and Internal Mail Charter. Not surprisingly with all of these guarantees, EMS won the trust of his customer over and over again.


About UPU: UPU is an international public organization and the main forum for cooperation between governments, post and stakeholders in the postal sector all over the world. It works to maintain a global network, sets rules for exchanging the international mail among 191 countries, and improves the quality of the service for the customers.