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 CEO Message

At the start of the new hijri year, it gives me a great pleasure to contact our valued customers through our highly advanced portal. Affirming its commitment to redouble its achievement, provide top-notch services to both citizens and residents alike, and enhance its programs to cope up with the Kingdom’s ambitious vision 2030, Saudi Post (SP) has completed the necessary requirements to achieve a radical transformation of business in a way that enhancing the financial performance of the sector while providing world-class services to each and every one.

To diversify its service and expand its customers’ base, SP is depending on its highly strong infrastructure which include ranking the Kingdom among the top 17 countries in terms of having a standardized and comprehensive unified address, and broadening its postal network to combine 6000 postal points and 600 offices supported by ultra-modern logistics transport network comprising a fleet of 1900 trucks serving more than 2000 customers.

Being a genuinely integrated network which provides various services to individuals, business, and government bodies inside and outside the Kingdom, SP has achieved a giant leap in serving non-traditional and various postal solutions, which represent the backbone of business and e-government, such as the delivery of government documents to the residence of citizens and residents, in addition to ‘Jamaee’ and ‘Kharij’ services. Moreover, its customers’ base for ‘Moreeh’, ‘Wasel Alami’, ‘e-Mall’, and ‘Makani” services has been expanded widely. Furthermore, its customer care points for ‘Ersal’ and ‘Lebara’ have been sharply increased.

The strategy of SP relies mainly upon the investment of highly-qualified Saudi human resources, which is considered to be the key factor in achieving its transformation plans, enhancing performance, and offering premium services to our valued customers throughout the Kingdom.

Dr. Usama M. Altaf

President of Saudi Post Corporation