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 CEO Message


​It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Saudi Post portal. I hope you find the appropriate information and facilitated services we aim at providing for our customers of both nationals and residents in the Kingdom.

Over the past few years, the Corporation maintained upgrading its infrastructure, updating its different networks, and developing its various services to enhance the type of and increase the number of the services provided by it; including all fields, businesses, services, and products to raise the performance quality of the services and products and make the postal service product a supportive element to government sectors in order to apply the government e-transactions program and support the national economy through promoting e-commerce initiatives and facilitating its wide spread.

During the transition the Saudi Post Corporation is going through, the common postal services have been growing, the sizes of incoming and outgoing parcels have been increasing, express mail operations have made a quantum leap, its trademark has been promoted through the special marketing programs that were launched, and post offices have been developed to provide several modern postal services.

Many achievements have been made. The Saudi Post Corporation accomplished the addressing of all Saudi regions; the National Address was approved by the Council of Ministers; an agreement with the Ministry of Interior was concluded to deliver the documents of the citizens to their addresses; all Saudi universities benefited from Jamaee service; the use of Mureeh service expanded; the consignments of Wasel Alami increased; money transfer, e-Mall and Makani ticket selling services were launched; Lebara SIM cards launched by Jawraa consortium, an associate company of Saudi Post Corporation, were being marketed; as well as many special services detailed in the website.

Saudi Post Corporation is to be converted to a holding company, of which many independent service companies will be subsidiaries. It embarked upon developing its means of communication with its customers and the interested parties. The first and foremost of such means is the Corporation's portal. The website was redesigned; its sections were modified; the maximum amount of information, services and news of the Corporation was included in it; and a full-time team was assigned to update the website and its news and provide support for customers who visit it.

Finally, we emphasize the continuation of the development of the Corporation and its services and the continuation of its initiatives.

Dr. Muhammad Saleh Benten

President of Saudi Post Corporation​