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​Saudi Post is a public government corporation that regulates and provides postal services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the official operator of postal services in the Kingdom. Upon the founding and unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the founder late King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, Saudi Post started up operations; thus, it is the oldest Saudi service authority. Services provided by Saudi Post range between common postal services such as mail, parcels, express mail and modern services such as online shopping, money transfers, and e-government transactions. Such services are provided to retail, government, and business enterprises.

Saudi Post made large investment in the electronic and technological infrastructure of postal operations to raise the quality and speed up services. The National Address developed by the Saudi Post contributed to increasing the capacities of distribution and mail delivery to customer locations, and offering an outstanding solution to social and service networking inside the kingdom. Express mail services were developed through the Express Mail Service (EMS) and transportation services were developed through the establishment of Naqel Company.

Furthermore, post offices were updated and new services were provided utilizing post facilities, buildings and networks such as government services and money transfer services "Ersal". Special services were launched such as e-mall and Makani platform to sell tickets.

Saudi Post aims at establishing a postal industry that supports the development and outreach of the e-government and e-commerce through providing advanced and integrated postal services for individuals, private and public organizations, building a service link between them all using the latest world technologies, making the best investment in human resources, as well as achieving sustainable commercial returns.

Decree on Establishment and Regulation of Saudi Post.​