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 Philatelic Club

​​​Postage stamps are one of the most significant features and indications of the development, which embody and date the events and occasions of the countries and people. Those models summarize the time and space. They tell with their variations and colors eventful details about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its historical, humanitarian and cultural heritage in all its areas.

Postage stamps are a symbol and ambassador of every country and deep-rooted historical civilization, which have their characteristic and significance that express the monuments, landmarks, scientists, scholars, and currency of each country.

  • Sports Stamps:

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is characterized by the various and numerous sports events. The whole world pays much attention to sports and athletes. Therefore, the Corporation is concerned with creating designs of sports nature, which narrate the local and international sports events in stamps of their own.
  • General Stamps:

    Stamps of events and occasions of general time were categorized as general, which do not symbolize any of the other historical, national, Islamic, or sports categories.
  • Historical Stamps:

    They are the stamps that embody the historical occasions and events of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by adding a historical characteristic from paintings and photos of Saudi historical and heritage places.​