Corporate Social Responsibility

​​​​Saudi Post Corporation takes part in several local activities and events that suit its role and participate in promoting their awareness contributions and support for development and social activities. It participates annually with distinctive pavilion in the National Festival for Heritage and Culture "Janadriyah" to introduce the history of Saudi Post starting from its establishment with basic technologies to its adoption of the latest information technologies and geographical systems to provide a world-class local postal service. The space of the pavilion is more than 400 square meter. The fair has an attractive design that emphasizes the Saudi Post's identity, trademark, and various services.

It also sponsors a number of local festivals and fairs, most important of which is Riyadh International Book Fair that is held annually. In the last years, Saudi Post took a remarkable part in the Fair with a distinctive pavilion which provides its services for the Fair visitors of bookworms, knowledge seekers, and school and institution teachers and students of both genders. The Saudi Post's pavilion constantly develops the offers and services it provides for the Fair visitors and provides special offers for them through shipping their purchases of books and scientific references and sending them via Saudi Post at low cost to their addresses inside and outside the Kingdom.​​​​

Moreover, it participated in several local fairs and festivals such as Al-Jouf olive festival, Al-Qassim Dates festival, Ha'il Spring festival and others. The festivals aim at marketing the products of the regions, introducing them to the visitors, supporting the productive families, fostering youth projects, and shedding light on the architectural and social heritage in those regions. The Corporation participates in many workshops and events during those festivals.​​​​

Saudi Post takes part in (annual Ha'il rally) festival through sponsoring it and some contestants to emphasize the attention it pays to all society members, especially youth. This reflects the concern of Saudi Post to effectively participate in supporting and sponsoring sport activities.​​​​

Furthermore, it contributed with many authorities in the activities of the annual Gulf Traffic Week that aims at raising the traffic awareness among nationals and residents in the six Gulf Cooperation Council Countries. It is held annually to be another indication of the joint cooperation between GCC countries to accomplish its governments' objectives of achieving the safety of the nation and citizens and to spare the Gulf citizens the risks of car accidents that raise the concerns of both decision makers and citizens.​​​​

The Corporation contributes to supporting the persons with disabilities through sponsoring a number of the activities of the Disabled Children's Association, such as the Saudi International Exhibition for People with Disability Requirements (Diaa). It is an exhibition held by the Disabled Children's Association and is considered the first of its kind locally and regionally. It exhibits the latest requirements and devices of the persons with disabilities; all modern technology products of equipment, devices, tools and requirements to take care of, rehabilitate and transport persons with disabilities; and their different daily requirements. It is the exhibition that persons with disabilities and all relevant and concerned government and non-government authorities and organizations direct their attention to. It was held in Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center (RICEC).​​​​

The Corporation also supports the marketing of greeting cards that include disabled children's paintings to promote their causes and increase the revenues of the Disabled Children's Association.​​​​

​​​​It supports the Society for Human Rights to achieve its objectives, supports many of its activities, and prints its awareness materials and monthly newsletter.​

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