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National Address

Express mail of letters and packages inside and outside the kingdom


Sending registered messages, suitable for greeting cards, documents, magazines, and invoices. The service enables the beneficiary to follow up with the delivery status of the shipment by tracking it.

​​​​​​​​​​It is the registered mailings that include invoices, greeting cards, documents, booklets and magazines. It is a service provided by all post offices for material fees, which enables the customer to obtain a free receipt upon deposit and is characterized by having a barcode with the R initial that allows the item to be traced or inquired about.​

Working hours 9-3
Maximum Weight of 2 Kilos

This service is available for the companies and organizations that want to send a large quantity of mail and make use of the discount percentage of the this service, through putting the "Carriage free" stamp on their all correspondences. 

This service is activated through signing an agreement between the company or the organization and Saudi Post. They can receive attractive discounts as per the size of their local and international outgoing corr​correspondences. This service is currently provided for telecom companies and a number of banks.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Saudi Post Corporation is concerned with supporting the development move in the kingdom through providing a modern service that makes use of the world best technologies to promote the government e-transactions and the e-commerce culture and meet the expectations of the businessmen to provide a reliable, high-level postal service. For the importance of an easy and clear standard address to provide a special postal service, the standard national address has been developed.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Components of the National Address
The National Address consists of 6 key elements:
Building number (4 digits)
Street name
District name
The postal code (5 digits)
The additional code (4 digits)
The city​

How to Get the Service
​​You can register the address on the Corporation website by completing the available registration forms. It makes the Saudi Locator program available for those who want to get and register their addresses.
Saudi Post Corporation provides support and responds to the inquiries about the registration via the national call center of government e-transactions (Amer) on number 199099 or the unified number of Saudi Post Corporation call center 920005700 or at the Corporation offices all over the Kingdom.
As soon as the registration process is completed, the address owner will be notified of the address via an SMS and e-mail.
Address registration means the activation of the postal service. The address owner should make sure of the existence of a box to receive the postal items on site.
To register facilities, the specified charges should be paid as per the facility classification with providing the commercial registration number.​

Subscription to the National Address
​​The requirements of completing the subscription of companies, organizations, and other businesses to the National Address:
The commercial registration number – for other businesses (the facility owner identification number)
The (file – facility) number in the labor office
Providing the 4-digit building number on the green plate
Name of the city, district, and street.​

It is a form of the direct marketing, i.e. the direct contact with the customer or the consumer, which results in the response of the targeted customers through making a purchase order or asking for more information and/or visiting a shop or any commercial place to buy a particular service or product.


  • Low cost in comparison with other advertising media
  • Capable of reaching the audience with high efficiency
  • Attracts the attention of the recipient, especially by the letters of special forms
  • Usable regardless of the business size.
  • Personalized, with specific targets.
  • Does not violate the customer privacy.
  • Measurable unlike the traditional advertising media​


Types of Commercial Mail
  • Unaddressed promotional mail: an advertising mail that does not require a specific address for delivery.
  • Addressed promotional mail: an advertising mail sent to certain address and recipient.


Terms and Conditions
  • The maximum dimension of the promotional mail should be 229×324×20 Mm
  • The minimum promotional mail to be accepted is 500 items.
  • Delivery duration: 1-3 days inside the city and 3-7 days outside the city.
  • The promotional mail shall not be sent to its source in case of not being delivered.​


Promotional Mail Weight (gram) Inside the City (Riyal) Outside the city (Riyal)
Unaddressed 1 0.5 0.8
51 0.9 1.2
101 1.2 1.44
151 1.3 1.76
201 1.5 2
Addressed 1 0.75 1
51 1.05 1.4
101 1.24 1.65
151 1.5 2
201 1.7 2.25


Saudi Post provides a special service for the companies by printing, packaging and sending the registers, invoices and cards from the main distribution centers, through Saudi Post printing centers in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam to reduce costs and save time, as per the most accurate security controls and globally used technologies. Integrated electronic solutions have been developed to manage the operations of the printing and packaging center. The Corporation has signed many agreements with the public and private sectors.

We seek in Saudi Post Corporation to offer the best logistic, postal, and other integrated services that support your business and contribute to achieving your objectives with high efficiency and effectiveness.

You can make use of our various services and tools that we provide and develop to meet the different needs of our customers, which most importantly characterized by:

  • A whole coverage via a network of more than 600 offices throughout the Kingdom.
  • Infrastructure that is based on the latest information technology and programs.
  • Comprehensive databases that include the individual sector of nationals and residents, business sector, and government sector.
  • Logistic, postal, and financial integrated services and communication and e-commerce services.

The national address is a mandatory condition for all parties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, businesses can benefit from it in their electronic transactions with government agencies such as the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labor, and Ministry of Commerce.


Pricing Main Record Sub-record
Individual Institutions 500 annually 100 annually
Limited and contribute companies 1000 annually 300 annually
Governmental and private agencies 1000 annually

300 annually

  • Note: National address rates are subject to change without notice

All new institutions and companies are exempted from national address fees for the first year


Business services

This package is for government and private sectors, it includes all the benefits of Wasel Premium Package and is automatically activated once the national address is registered.


Optional Services




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