Government Transactions




Specifically designed to ease the burden on citizens from moving between cities in KSA for the purpose of processing government applications and transactions, EMS created "MUREEH" to speed up application processes by mailing documents to relative government agencies hassle-free. "Convenience" is not only a name!



“MUREEH" derives it's mission from it's name

The Arabic word “MUREEH” means comfortable and convenient in English, accordingly MUREEH offers citizens the opportunity to easily benefit from our convenient processing of government papers by mailing applications to relative government agencies via our scattered 600 post offices around the Kingdom. Our on-line tracking tool can also help you follow up your transactions on our website



Serving the Community

The reliable and safe “MUREEH " service is a community-based highly organized system that saves time, effort and cost for citizens and government agencies alike, eliminating overcrowding at government buildings. For inquiries about EMS Offices offering MUREEH service around the Kingdom, please contact us at Express Mail Service (19992).



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