Wasel Alami




WASEL ALAMI provides you with a dedicated US address, linked to your national address, so that your global purchases can be delivered to your address.



Access to the best prices and offers.

Delivery to your home via the national address.

Get the best features at the lowest prices.

Registration is free.



How do I use WASEL ALAMI?

Register at the national address, so you get the address continued global reserve.

* If you are already registered in the national address you can take the details of your address in a WASEL ALAMI by accessing My Post Online

During the purchase process on a site in America, you enter your US address.

3.The order will be delivered to your home when you click on Send shipment from WASEL ALAMI Portal in My Post Online



Service prices:

The first 0.5 Kg = 46 Saudi riyals

Each additional 0.5 Kg = 29 SR


Dimensional weight applies to large shipments, for details click here


Delivery time:

7 to 12 working days




I need more information before I use WASEL ALAMI.

You may visit us



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